Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 4 cont'd - Rewarding Yourself

Yesterday I wrote about setting goals - if you didn't see it, why NOT???

Oops, I forget that not EVERYONE is reading my diary...yet.

So, if you didn't see it, pop right over here and check it out. Then scootch back to this post and read on...

Now that you've got your goals written down, you've got a great start to your weight loss success. One of the best ways to stay focused on reaching each goal is to remember that you will reward yourself once you get there.


Presents. Fun. Happiness.


But whoa, slow down. We've got to talk about the KINDS of rewards you will give yourself for reaching a goal.

If you are anything like me (and you aren't reading my diary JUST to be nosy, right?? You DO see yourself a tiny bit in me, dontcha?) if you can relate, then this might sound familiar:

My number ONE way to reward myself with a job (whatever it might be) well done?


Yep, so many, many, many...too many times to count...I have rewarded myself with food.

I lost 10 pounds - let's EAT!

I got a raise - let's EAT!

I didn't have 2 rolls with dinner (this is two-fold) - let's eat that snickers for dessert!

I found my birth family - let's eat (Italians can COOK, just sayin')

WHATever your reasons, if you are even a tad bit like me, you tend to honor the ups (and downs) in your life, with food.

Well, not anymore, people. 

Put the brakes on that crazy train because I'm here to tell you that you cannot continue to reward good behavior with bad behavior if you want to reach your weight loss goal(s).



So, now what?

You still need rewards - and you are going to get them.

ANYthing you want - besides food (we are learning a valuable lesson here, to be shared in a later post!).

So, set your goals; and then pick your rewards to go with them. Again, planning is everything. I currently have 9 goals on paper.

Here are my 9 rewards (in no particular order):

Buy gel inserts for my workout shoes

Buy a workout compression suit

Buy a night compression suit

Buy new workout gear (don't spend gobs of money on clothes yet, you are shrinking, remember?)

Buy 2  new outfits

Take my daughter to the park and PLAY with her

Get a mani/pedi

Have a spa day with your bestie

Buy a whole new wardrobe (donate your BIG GIRL/GUY clothes to a worthwhile charity first)

There you have it, you have your goals, you have your rewards, and you are well on your way to succeeding in your weight loss!

Remember, whatever your goal, large or small, it's important to spoil/reward yourself for a job well done.

Today, I'm taking a fabulously relaxing soak in my whirlpool tub. I've checked every item off my to-do list and I've earned that soak - which is also benefiting my weight loss and I do love a two-fer; more on that in a later post (yes, I have LOTS to share).

Till next time!

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