Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 70 - Singin' the Bad Girl Blues

Whoa. I've been a very, very, VERY bad girl. Yep. I have. And it all began on Friday.

Ya see, Friday I weigh in for the money challenge (Thanksgiving). And I also went grocery shopping this past Friday.


Not good. I figured, since I had such a good weigh in on Friday, that I could use it as my cheat day. And so I did. I wasn't too bad.

But I wasn't too good, either. And then...

Friday rolled into Saturday and there was cake (celebrating G's mom's B-day) and THEN...Saturday rolled into Sunday and I TRIED to ratchet it down but was over-powered by lack of will power and self-sabotage = more cake and a bloody mary, not gonna lie...

Three days.

And you know what THAT got me?

A whopping 8 pound gain on the scale this morning.




Yah. 8 pounds. G didn't believe me. No one gains 8 pounds in 3 days.


I hate to prove him wrong, especially on THIS. But there it is.


Frickasee, doodle bop.

What's a bad girl to do?

Well, I can't take it back. I put it ALL in my mouth and I can't lament having done so. It's DONE.


...moving on...

Note to Self:

You can certainly have a meal, or a day, even, to hang off the grid.



...if you can then bring it back to where you know you need to be.

Do NOT think (for even a nano second) that you can waste 3 days a week on eating whatever you want.

Can't happen.

Not going to happen.




Today's a new day, I won't hunch my shoulders to the past. I am going forward, properly chastised and realizing my limitations.

Tomorrow's weigh in is going to suck.

And I darn well deserve it.

Till next time!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 5.75 miles 

Anna: 108 miles 

Sandi: 79.37 miles

Debbie: 43 miles 

Kathy: 92.76 miles 

Stephanie: 91.25 miles 


NO Scale and Toes today, egads. I'm too embarrassed. I do want to thank all my favorite looky lous, as we have now been nosy just over 1200 times to this diary o'mine. Keep on reading and I'll keep writing and we WILL get to where we want to be. Because we do all darn well deserve it! Cheers!