Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 30 - Mixing it Up - A New Exercise?

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to post today. I thought about trying a wordless Wednesday post but I honestly can't see myself posting without words. I am simply too verbose.

And I have a huge list of future posts planned (like tomorrow's fabulous little ditty, stay tuned for that).

But today I had nothing...

...Until I went to my inbox this morning and discovered a tip from Stephanie - just LIKE that link and you'll get cool tips too!

Ya see, she's taken over for Barb (because Barb's on vaca this week) and has been posting tips - just like Barb - daily.

And it would seem that I missed this tip on Sunday but I opened it today and was instantly inspired.


Her tip?

Mix it Up - A new exercise or food can perk up your metabolism.

She then went on to share what you can do to spark things up...

(from Stephanie):

"Exercise - If you only do treadmill, try a bike or elliptical. 
Don’t be afraid to try a new piece of Nautilus equipment. Start at a low weight and work yourself up. 
Jump rope and hula hoops are not just for kids. 
Instead of walking a track or a setting path on a sidewalk, try an outdoor nature area, and ‘hike in the wild'.
Swimming - while we still have a little summer left.
Try a new Food- Do you love mashed potatoes, go half and half - cauliflower or celery root.
Cold gazpacho soup. Blend fresh tomatoes, seeded Cucumber, fresh peppers, onion, a clove of garlic. Dice finely, additional vegetables to add to the puree. At serving, garnish with lime or lemon wedges, Cilantro, or Basil.
Spaghetti Squash instead of pasta."

Brilliant, huh? 

(Ohhhhh, I know what you're thinkin'...It's not FRIDAY...just chilly chill, I'm working something in, today.)

So I read this tip this morning and then I went down and hopped on my beloved scale. DOWN 3.8 more pounds, WooHOO!

And I think I know why. 

I mixed it up. 

For the last two days, Maggie and I have been doing this "new" thing that involves me, her, her coaster car, a pillow, a string, some water, and a WHOLE LOT of FUN (direct quote from Mags, who is standing beside me as I write this). 

Now, I can't exactly explain this....exactly. In fact I REALLY want Gary to film us doing this crazy new thing - maybe this weekend, since we won't be able to do this once we move, BUT...

The point is, we've been mixing it up. And it's working. I know I'm burning a bunch more calories then what I'm inputting but I have no clear measure at the moment. 

Just YOU try hauling a 130 pound person up a hill and around the neighborhood. Repeatedly. 

It's fun. And tiring. And good. And we're spending quality time together. And we're LAUGHING. Oh my goodness, we are laughing. 

Just mixing it up. 

There is going to come that day when we won't be able to do this particular thing anymore. But for now, it's my new treadmill, elliptical, bike ride...and then we'll move on to the next thing. 

We'll just keep mixing it up. 

Thanks, Stephanie. 

Till next time!


August 100 Miles Challenge Update: 

Sandi: 36.65 miles

Anna:  39.5 miles

Kathy: 49.36 miles

Steffie: 41.74 miles 

Bernie: 4.3 miles


Remember, if you want me to track your miles for August, just shoot me a note and I will add you to the blog. If you are here already and I've got your numbers wrong, just shoot, no, just let me know and I'll change it. I'm good with that. Cheers!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 285.6
Total Lost to Date: 20.8

8.15.12 Scale 'n' Toes


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