Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 58 - Where are the Walking Girls?

I mean no offense but I have named us the Walking Girls. There are no guys currently walking (with us) and so I don't feel like it's too discriminatory. Yikes.

And then there's the map issue. I put in Michele's info but since she's coming along the same route as Debbie, their line now looks a little like throw-up. I'll be changing that color before I post the new map, lol.

And THEN...

I can't track Anna's route on Google Maps. Because of the swimming across continents and all that, Google simply won't allow me to track that - not by car or bus or by walking. BUT I do know that Anna has agreed to make this 4153 mile trek by biking to Venice and we will continue to track her progress, the best way possible.

And NOW...

We've had a couple people who wanted to join in and then disappeared. One such is my sister and as God is my witness, I haven't even called her to find out why. I'm  not the best big sister around, I know that.

But here's the thing. I don't want to BUG people about this. You are either walking or you're not. I am not going to chase you; especially if you are not directly on my route to Disney, seriously. And I'm not going to worry (too much) if you decide you'd rather not do this. No one is holding anyone else TO this.

It's simply a great way to "take a trip" and get healthy. As time goes on and we all get further along in our journeys, it will be fun to see where we're all at. But again, not going to push. Also, there is nothing to say that ANYone can't join at any time. Kathy and Anna alone will be walking for quite a long time and there is always room for more walking...whomevers...on our journey(s).

So...ALL that said, where are we walking girls now?

Well, we have to remember that we are only 11 days into our trips. Stephanie currently leads for total miles AND she's got the shortest way to go (there's a rumor going around that she took a detour to Maine this past weekend but I didn't see her, so I cannot confirm (haha).

Anna has biked an impressive 45 miles already but I'm pretty sure that she's not even out of Jersey yet. Do they make bikers pay the crazy tolls too? WAIT a minute...she isn't even going to Jersey. She's gotta get into the water...BRRRR! Stay safe, Anna!

Kathy is well on her way to Oregon and this girl can WALK. I know she's got 2800+ miles to travel but I have no worries that she'll get to her sister's WAY before October, 2014! Gooooo, Kathy!

Michele and Debbie are both walking to Disney World, Florida and they hail from the same great town in PA. Debbie is pacing herself and doing quite well with it; and Michele (who got a bit of a late start) is trucking (or walking, as the case may be) right along too. I can't wait to meet up with both these girls to see the Mouse. YAY!

And then there's me. WHO came up with this silly walking trip thing ANYWAY? I am actually surprising myself by averaging about 4 miles per day, which won't win any speed medals but "ain't" too shabby, either. My goal is walk 30 miles per week and I'm ridiculously close to that - I just need to step it up a tad and before you know it, I'll be at the Mouse House, too!


Next week, I'd like to see what city/state we're all in and will need Gary to help me with that. Please just continue to email me your miles and let's try to have FUN with this! Every step we take is one step closer to our destination - healthy. YAY!


No Scale 'n' Toes today, Peeps. I am now weighing in 3 times weekly for various challenges and I'm going to try staying accountable that way, rather than 7 days. It's a challenge itself, YAY!

Till next time!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 2.5 miles

Anna: 45 miles

Sandi: 40.65 miles 

Debbie: 22 miles 

Kathy: 37.31 miles 

Stephanie: 50.80 miles