Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 21 - Food is NOT an Event

Gary said something interesting to me the other day:

One must savor one's food. <-- paraphrasing to include everyone, not just me...

I first.

Because I have spent most of my adult life savoring food. Heck, I make it an event just about every time I sit down to eat.

This isn't about food that surrounds events (e.g., weddings, birthdays, cookouts, parties, etc.). This is making the actual meal an event.

I do that. A lot.

I get food placed in front of me and (as Gary says) it's almost ritualistic for me. The planning that goes into preparing to eat it, how every bite has to be the best bite, how it takes me the longest to finish my meal...

It has been said that those who chew their food well, taking time to enjoy it, rather than inhaling it all down in 5 seconds, SUPPOSEDLY weigh less.

In our house, I am the slowest eater by far; and the heaviest by far, too. So we KNOW that's not working.

Because I tend to make every meal an event.

It's not. Or it shouldn't be.

Food is meant as sustenance. A way of giving our bodies what they need for life. Keeping us healthy, strong, fit, balanced.

I am learning that.

And I am learning to savor my food. One healthy bite at a time, I am learning that while it shouldn't be an event, I most certainly must take the time to enjoy what I am putting in my mouth.

My body thanks me every time I do and that's certainly worth the next meal.

This post is a bit jumbled, I think, sort of ambiguous (which is rare for me since I tend to OVER explain EVERYthing). However, I do believe you will understand what I'm trying to say.

And hopefully (if you recognize yourself, even a tad...) you can work your mind toward enjoying your food, really SAVORING it without hiring the band, blowing balloons, and hanging signs every time you sit down to eat.

Thank you, Papi, sincerely, for that!

Till next time!


Whoa, cheesits. Tomorrow marks the first day of my fourth week, meaning today is the end of week 3 already. Boy, time flies when you are having fun getting fit. Meet me here tomorrow, where I'll break down the week, share my scale 'n' toes, and give you some insight about where we're headed. YAY!


August 100 Miles Challenge Update: 

Sandi:   13 miles

Anna:  28.4 miles

Kathy:  6 miles

Steffie: 14 miles 



Good FOR You, Not a Party!