Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 74 - LOVE the 80/20 Rule!

Okay, firstly, I am sick. Oh man, I don't want to be here, kind of sick. I don't know if I had some bad food or what but I went to bed sick and I woke up sick and all I want to do is be back in bed.

I DO have a FAB Friday tip from Barb for you, however; and once again I can relate. It's been crazy how these tips seem to coincide with what's currently going on in my life.

Without further ado, here's your FAB Friday tip from Barb:

Follow the 80/20 Rule

At least eighty percent of the time, prepare your own foods.  Rather than buying pre-packaged foods, get into the routine of preparing food.  For some people, it works best to prepare foods over the weekend and put them in zip lock bags or plastic containers.  For salads, chop your carrots, cucumbers, peppers, onions, etc. all at once.  Then when you want a salad, you're all set.  Chicken is a great choice to fix in advance.  After it's grilled or roasted, cube the chicken and keep it in the refrigerator.  On days that you're supper pressed for time and eat a frozen entree, or the occasional going out for dinner, should be no more than twenty percent of the time.

Since we moved to downtown Portland, we have been sucking eggs (BIGtime) with eating at home. With more restaurants (or so it seems) than people, here, eating out has been weighing us down. We're working on that, though; and will continue to stay conscientious about how often we go out.

That said, Barb has some great advice above. Plan your foods. Prep your meals. KNOW what you are putting in your mouth. Eating cleanly and healthy should count for 80% of your food intake. Using the 80/20 rule applies to many things in one's life but especially in regard to food, you know the importance of preparing your own food - 80% of the time.

My challenge for this next week is to stay home. At least to eat. This way I know how much oil, salt, and other (tasty but devastating) things are going into my food. I can control this and should, if I plan to reach my goals.

All THAT said, it would appear that my scale is happy with me this early AM. I am surprised and somewhat sceptical about the number this morning.




Am I NEVER satisfied with what the scale says?


However, I've been so up and down the past 3 weeks that I am sure this is simply a fluke. More than halfway into week 11 and I am down 36.2 pounds. WOW!

Could be my fast for Yom Kippur. Could be this little bout of stomach bug.

Who knows?

Either way, I'll take it for today. I'll take it and head right back to bed. Looks like my plan to stay home is working so far - for today, anyway.

Till next time!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 9.5 miles 

Anna: 118 miles 

Sandi: 93.42 miles

Debbie: 52 miles 

Kathy: 92.76 miles 

Stephanie: 117.07 miles 


Starting Weight: 306.4

Goal Weight: 150

Today's Weight: 270.2
Total Lost to Date: 36.2

Happy Feet Today. Belly? Not so Much!