Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 52 - THIS is the Life...

Happy Thursday, everyone and glad you've stopped by to be nosy. I don't have a whole lot to say today so...


But there IS something about THIS Thursday that is wicked way AWEsome!

It's the FIRST day of SCHOOL!


Lest you think that I am that selfish, you should know, the kid is excited too. She's starting a new school today and she can't wait to meet new friends and see all great things this new school has to offer.

And it's not just about first day of school on this lovely Thursday...

It's waking up to a beautiful morning in the city. It's waking up and having a perfect cup of tea. It's sharing breakfast with the kid and helping her choose the perfect first day outfit. It's knowing that I have a full 6 hours to myself today - to organize the jewelry (more on that, later), work out, catch up on admin stuff, and finally finish unpacking...

THIS is the life...

...just a day in the life...


The above doesn't BEGIN to explain how excited I am for this day...this Thursday. It's just a whole lot of YAYAYYAAYAYAYAY, today.

And that's that!

Till next time!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Today we are adding 3 more walking friends; where are THEY headed? 

Michele: Starting in PA and a fab friend of Debbie, Michele has decided to join us on our trip to Disney World. Welcome, Michele!

Anna: Anna lives in the Big Apple and she wants to go to Venice, Italy. I'm excited for her because she gets to swim part of the way...

Myranda: My sister has chosen Mount Rushmore for her destination and I'm so stoked she's joining our merry band of walkers. She will start out from Wyoming; however may have to reconfigure the trip half way through (such is the life of an Army wife). 

Welcome to the new girls, we are thrilled to have you :) I will have miles for each trip and an updated map, next Wednesday. I will be sharing miles daily on the blog so make sure to email me with your updates. Cheers!

Sandi: 20.63 miles 

Debbie: 10.00 miles 

Kathy: 12.25 miles 

Stephanie: 21.05 miles 


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 282.6
Total Lost to Date: 23.8

Ohhhh, Aunt Flo is Headin' sad. NOT!


I am a work in progress, always. Sometimes I stumble, but I always get back up. The hard part is knowing which direction to turn. If I go THAT way, I know I will fail. This time, I'm going THIS way. It's a new direction for me and I will NOT fail. Cheers!