Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 3 cont'd - Setting Goals

Okay, now that I'm over this morning's issues, NOW I'm ready to talk about setting goals - a so very seriously important step in YOUR weight loss success!


Oh, because I said so.

Are you buying that?

Because I've got some cheap waterfront in Arizona that I'd love to...

Aww, heck, sometimes I get distracted.

So..WHY is setting yourself goals so very important?

Simple. Unless you plan to succeed, you are planning to fail. And by writing down your goals throughout this weight loss process, you are putting to paper the steps you want - need - hope - to succeed.

Paper, computer, phone...heck, tattoo them on  your arm for all I care - but DO set your goals.


Now, I happen to know from personal experience - wherein I've failed more than once - that you can't set such a large goal that you don't even believe yourself that you will reach it.

I've said this: I want to lose 150 pounds - somewhere like 888 times (or so).

Great goal, right?

HUGE goal.


So what I recommend is setting your goals in ways that you (in your heart of hearts) know you will reach. You must believe in them before you can attain them.

As my wonderful friend, Barb says: Believe, Begin, Become!

What are MY Goals?

Main Goal - Lose 150 Pounds (yes, I still have that goal, but first...)

Goal #1 - Lose 25 Pounds

Goal #2 - Lose 25 Pounds

Goal #3 - Lose 25 Pounds

Goal #4 - Become certified as a Life Coach (something I've done for more than 15 years, but not cert.)

Goal #5 - Lose 25 Pounds

Goal #6 - Become certified as a Personal Trainer

Goal #7 - Lose 25 Pounds

Goal #8 - Lose 25 Pounds

By the time I reach my ideal weight goal (and this may not be a total of 150 pounds; I want to be healthy, not emaciated) I will be a certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer; thus turning my dreams of saving the world - one amazing person at a time - into reality.

****Repeat the above, often, to ensure success toward main goal****

Keep in mind, as you go through this life changing process, that you may change or add to your goals. Good for you, because by then you will know you can DO this!

Bottom Line? 

You need goals, you need to write them down, you need to stay focused on the little goals to get to the main goal.

Make sense?

Good. Because for as much as I want - need - hope - to reach MY goals, I am also - most certainly -  going to be cheering you on toward yours!

Now...what are YOUR goals?

Till next time!


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Day 3 - Sideswiped by Disappointment This Morning

Today I wanted to talk about setting goals; we'll get to that in just a minute...or two...


I woke up today knowing that I hadn't lost anything.

Yes, before I dared to put a toe on the scale I could feel that I hadn't lost, not a pound, not even an ounce.

How can I know that? ask.

Listen here:

I've been overweight (I wanted to say fat but I'm working on - eliminating - self-disparagement) for most of my adult life. I KNOW my body - heck, most of the time I'm the one not taking care of it.

So with serious trepidation I tiptoed down the stairs and dared to disappoint myself.

I was right.

Not a darn thing. The scale hadn't moved.

Maybe it's broken?

I'd certainly be worn out if I was getting stepped on by a 300 pound girl almost daily.

But alas, I'm sure the scale is correct.

Bright side (I'm TRYING here, people):

I didn't gain.

Not a pound, not even an ounce.

Good for me...blah blah blah.

I will say it's good in that I'm not giving up today. I'm eating my eggs and bacon, I'm writing in my diary, I'm keeping my appointment with my trainer...

Good for me.

Because I have goals.

So let's talk about that - setting goals.


No, I mean it, later today I'll write again. Right now I don't have it in me to share the importance of setting goals.

No one asked for the truth, but I'm giving it anyway.

Till next time!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 304
Total Lost to Date: 2.4

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