Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 77 - October is Here and Where are the Walking Girls?

I cannot believe that it's October already. It seems like just yesterday I was heading to Philly to try out for BL14. With a move and a new business venture and almost 40 pounds gone, lots has happened in the last (almost) 3 months.

Today I'm here to update our walking trips. I'm just going to share how many miles we each hit for September and then lay out a few of my goals (walking and otherwise) going forward. Let's get started...

Once upon a time there were six girls and they all decided to take a trip. Some wanted to head to Disney World in Florida, one just had to go to Italy (I don't blame her one bit), one was headed to Oregon, and one lucky girl just couldn't resist making the trek to Biggest Loser, Niagara.

Now, they all knew that it would take some time to get to their destinations. But determined and true, they each set out on their journeys to better health and happiness.

How many miles has each managed in one whole month?

Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 10.5 miles 

Anna: 170 miles 

Sandi: 101.5 miles

Debbie: 67 miles 

Kathy: 109.76 miles 

Stephanie: 127.99 miles 

WOW, girls. Way to GO, US!!! Almost 600 miles in just ONE month! WooHOO!

Anna currently leads in miles as she has been busy biking her way to Italy. At SOME point, she will have to lay down her wheels and get in the water...brrrr. I don't envy her that. 

Stephanie leads us all in walking miles and she is more than 1/3 of the way to the ranch in Niagara. I can't wait till she gets there because I have a feeling that she'll turn around and run all the way home again. AFTER she enjoys some grueling workouts on the ranch, of course. 

We have ALL stepped it up in September and I couldn't be prouder. Think for a moment, where you were in August...

...or even a year ago, today. 

Now, KNOW how far you've come and how proud you should be of all you've accomplished. 

Keep on walkin', girls. We've all got a ways to go but we are ALL so much further for simply having gotten up and gotten moving. 

YAY for us! Till next year, September; October, let's get MOVING!

Till next time!

...where it's another weekly re-cap. I'm heading into week 12 and I am hoping for big numbers this next week. I can't promise sweetness tomorrow but starting NOW, I am bringin' it, BIG time. 

My Goals for October:

Walk 130 miles
Swim 20 hours
Post DAILY at My Fitness Pal (I've been a'slackin')
Eat at home 25 dinners
Hit 50 pounds down!
Reward with the much coveted compression suit (more on that later)

What are YOUR goals this BOOOO month?