Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week One Done - How'd I Do?

I can't believe it's only been one week since returning from Philly and beginning my new life journey.

7 WHOLE days since awakening with a new plan, a good plan, a plan to get healthy - and DO it this time.

But here we are, ending the first week, beginning anew.

And how did I do, week one?


I pulled unBELIEVable numbers my first week and I say that because if I hadn't seen the scale with my own two eyes each day, I would have been hard pressed to think it true.

Let's recap:

Day One: 306.4 - Ugh, seriously? My heaviest probably EVER (that I can remember)

Day Two: 304 - Okay, good; a nice 2.4 drop, YAY!

Day Three: 304 - Grrrr, I don't like staying the same but I'm not giving up.

Day Four: 302.6 - Yay, the scale is moving again, happy dance!

Day Five: 300 - Still moving, I'm stoked!

Day Six: 296.4 - WOW, is this for REAL?

Day Seven: 294.8 - It's happening, people!

Day Eight: 292.6 - Yep, at the end of week one I am DOWN 14 FREAKIN' pounds.


And I have to tell you, it wasn't easy AND it wasn't hard. I recorded ALL my food and exercise each day, learned a bit more about weighing things on the food scale, drank my 8 plus (more like 13-15) glasses of water each day, journaled HERE each day (sometimes twice), and generally held myself accountable in ways that I had not (in ALL my fat adult life) EVER done before.

I avoided sweets all week and honestly didn't crave them - I didn't even cave to the jello/cool whip back up, barely even gave it a thought.

Although...I really can't say no sweets ALL week. I did have a drumstick ice cream last night. I wanted a bit of chocolate ice cream and when I went to the store and perused the selections I chose the drumstick for two reasons:

1 - all the chocolate ice creams I looked at said 300 cals for 1/2 a cup. Come ON, people, a 1/2 a cup? Have you MET a chubby girl (me) who can ONLY do a 1/2 a cup? Maybe someday but NOT today.


2 - the drumstick was only 350 calories total and it was BIG. And now I don't have any leftover ice cream in the house to tempt me. I ate it, it was good, and it didn't make me want to bury my face in a vat of it. YAY me!

Let's see, what else?

Oh, I didn't avoid the alcohol all week either. I had 3 drinks total, one on one day, and two on the other. My preferred drink is carb free anyway, but because I'm staying away from soda, I didn't go crazy. Not good to go cra-cra with the liquor ANYway, right? Right!

Oh, and hmmm...

I worked out with my trainer, Darcelle, on Wednesday and Thursday, and she gave me homework for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Technically Friday was my day off (you should never work out more than 6 days per week), but I still managed a 15 minute slow walk that day because we didn't know I was going to take Friday off until I had already walked my sore a** to the gym - Darcelle was nice enough to bring me home.

I did indeed do all my homework and Darcelle, my wonderful friend and trainer, was in daily contact  with me, boosting me UP and making sure I stayed on track. I didn't have a choice but to get it done anyway; she told me, if I didn't do it, it would be added to the next day. Scary? Yes, but exactly what I need!

I do believe that sums up my week as far as food, exercise, and overall weight loss journey stuff goes.

What else happened? (...you ask, nervously, hoping I'm wrapping this up...)

My daughter broke her wrist, we may have found an apartment, I got to swim in the ocean, I began writing my book, and I discovered a side of someone that I never would have believed existed.

All in all?

A busy, productive, CRAZY week!

Ready for the next one? I've got salads to talk about, secrets to reveal, a contest to share, and plenty of other good and/or boring and/or funny stuff to bring you, YAY!

Till next time!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 292.6
Total Lost to Date: 14

© 2012 Dear Diary, I'm Fat...Now What?