Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 51 - We are Going on a Trip...

We are going on a trip...

...and we are taking...

Do you want to play the alphabet game?

Or did you just stop by to see where we girls are headed?

OR maybe you don't even know what I'm talking about...

Well, here, let me explain:

I decided to take a trip to Florida, walking the whole way and arriving sometime late next October (yes, that's 2013, people).



But along this weight loss journey I have come to know that I must push myself. In order to do that, I need challenges. And I need to keep them interesting or I get bored and fall right off the wagon.

So rather than even get ON the wagon, I'm walking. (Haha, I made a stupid funny.)

I'm walking all the way to Walt Disney World, Florida, and I'm taking a friend with me.

But we aren't the only two taking a trip. So here's the breakdown:

Debbie and I are walking to Disney. For me, it's a whopping 1,450 miles according to Google maps.

Debbie is coming from PA and she'll need to travel a crazy 977 miles.

She and I will meet up at some point down the road and continue our journey to the Mouse House together.

Kathy has decided that as much as she wants to visit Mickey and Minnie and the gang, she'd also really like to see her sister. Kathy is traveling from PA to OR - a HUGE walking trip of 2,798 miles total. Don't let that scare ya, she's a wicked good walker and should arrive at her sister's house in no time at all.

Stephanie REALLY wants to visit the Biggest Loser ranch in Niagara, New York. And so she has set out on her 361 mile journey from CT, intent on going the distance. Steph is focused and so excited about seeing the ranch that I have no doubts she will double time it all the way.

Want to see our trip mapped out?

Virtually Walking the Country, We Are!

Want to know how far we've gone so far?

Our Virtual Trip(s)

Sandi: 16.17 miles - Which puts me somewhere near Biddeford, ME. Only about 35 more miles to New Hampshire, YAY!

Debbie: 8.00 miles - Debbie is so excited to see the Mouse and friends. And I am looking forward to meeting up with her, though we may have to alter our trip if we want to meet before Jacksonville, FL.

Kathy: 12.25 miles - Kathy has the furthest to travel but she's also very excited to see her sister. What a wonderful trip across the country she's taking. I can't wait to see the many places she'll visit along the way.

Stephanie: 14.25 miles - Steph is well on her merry way to BL, Niagara. Quite possibly the smartest of all of us, with only 361 miles; but Stephanie is no slouch. I imagine her arriving at the ranch and hopping right on a hiking trail to get properly acquainted. Right now, though, she's just outside MASS and moving steady, good for her!

Okay, there ya have it. And you should also know that I am new to using Google maps; please bear with me as I navigate the way in order to share more cool stuff about our walking trips. Who KNOWS where we'll all end up and what AWEsome stuff we'll all see along the way.


If anyone would like to take a trip with us, please let me know. All you have to do is pick a destination, email me your start and end, track your miles daily, let me know daily or every couple of days (your miles), and take the trip of a lifetime.

Good luck to all and thanks to all for coming along with me on this virtual-ish walking adventure. Daily miles updates will be posted at the bottom of the blog and Wednesdays will be all about where we're at - stay tuned!

Till next time!

PS: dear diary...and'll notice no scale or toes this morning. Yah, I just didn't have it in me to get on that scale. It happens. Now, I'm going to enjoy my tea and get on with the day! Cheers!