Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 Whole Months GONE - WOW, Love those Numbers!

Okay, yes, today is my 2 months gone weigh in but before we get to those numbers, I've gotta pay respects. I did think about whether I should, here...and I decided that it's what I'm thinking ANYway, and so it should be in my diary.

Today is the 11th anniversary of the day our world changed forever. Today I want to honor those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom on September 11, 2001 and all the days after, as well. Civilians, police, fire, soldiers...everyone who has ever given (on purpose or by someone else's hand) so that we received...

We all remember that day and what came after, in different ways. Today, I would just like to thank those individuals for their service to our country! God Bless you and keep you, AMEN!


Okay, dried eyes...yes, I still get weepy at times about it, no apologies.

Shall we get on with the weigh in?


Today marks the first day of month 3; which means I am 2 WHOLE months into the rest of my life and life is GOOD!

Let's RECAP This Whole Last Month: 

Week 4: 289.2 - Well I had moved (just barely) out of the 290's but with a 17.2 pound loss and 12.5 inches gone in month one, I was moving forward - cautiously optimistic!

Week 5: 286.2 - 3 pounds gone in one week. I like those numbers. I know I whine from time to time but 3 pounds lost in a week is pretty darn FAB!

Week 6: 282.2 - Whoa, and then I lost four in week 6. I blew right on by that 285 - well, okay, I struggled there, we all know it - and now I'm wicked close to scooching OUTTA the 280's. WOW!

Week 7: 283 - Pfft. Darn Auntie was here and she and I were NOT getting along. I had no worries through out the week, however; I didn't let HER take control of ME!

Week 8: 275.8 - WOW! I am SOLIDLY in the 270's and I am feelin' FINE!

Okay, firstly, I lost 7.2 pounds this last week. And for the month? A whopping 13.4 pounds. Wowza, I lost half that in just one week.

I know, I know. A little CRA-CRA! But I was determined not to let that Auntie get the best of me; to that end, I stayed focused and true to my goal!

I also lost 13 inches this month. YAYAYAYYAYAY!

Let's bottom line the last 56 days:

30.6 pounds DOWN.

25.5 inches GONE.


Not too shabby, folks. I may even have to hop back on YouTube for this. Yah, I've been missin' my video makin'...

ANYway, I've gotta run today, lots to do - jewelry to sell and groceries to buy and fliers to write...busy busy busy.

Ooooh, one more thing before I jet - my goals for this week: 

Walk 30 miles
Swim 4 times (should be easy with the fishy I'm raisin')
Try a new healthy treat (to share next week)

Till next time!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 2.5 miles

Anna: 36 miles

Sandi: 37.96 miles 

Debbie: 20 miles 

Kathy: 37.31 miles 

Stephanie: 47.90 miles  


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 275.8
Total Lost to Date: 30.6

Happy Dance, yah yah yah... :)