Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 86 - Beginning is Easy - Can You Finish?

On Monday I wrote a long post about the struggle I've been having over the last month. Yesterday it certainly was reflected in the numbers I posted. I am - over all - doing pretty darn good. But that darn third month of my weight loss journey was hard and I did a lot of things that were not on the list of getting to healthy.

Because of that post, a friend of mine left a comment that got me thinking. Here it is:


Sometimes I think we all sabotage ourselves. Really, I know I have. I know that I am a person who always starts out strong and then just never should see all the craft projects I've started and never finished. And the worst part is.....all these things can be beautiful......including myself.....if I would just FINISH them. I don't know what it is about some of us that just switches off when we are doing so well. But I do know that this time I HAVE TO PUSH THROUGH IT!!! I can't give up! This isn't only for losing weight and getting's for everything. I need to finish what I start. I'm so bad about it, I do dishes every day, but always seem to leave the silverware until I have to do it, or take hours to do 15 minutes worth of dishes. I have started pushing myself to FINISH my dishes, wash dried and put away before I walk out of the kitchen. It may be a small thing......but I have to teach myself to doesn't matter what I finish.....I just need to finish, finish something to make me feel like, Okay, I finished this, so now I need to finish something else. 
I need to do a blog post on finishing things so I don't hijack your blog. But I think you can see where I'm going with this. We have to learn to finish what we started and not give up before we finish.
Great post and it really got me to thinking. Thank you so much.


She then followed it up with a post on her blog and it is definitely worth the read. Expanding on what Debbie said here, she really hits the finishing point hard and well. Please, go read her post here and then hop back over for my two cents about finishing what you start. 

...see, I told you it was worth it. Okay, let's finish...

When I read Debbie's initial comment it struck me like a ton of bricks. Oh Em Gee. I suffer the same disease. 

I am a starter. 

Much of the time and ALWAYS in regard to my weight loss, I am NOT a finisher. 

WOW. What a revelation THAT was. 

And, much like Debbie, there are plenty of craft projects left unfinished (ex. my sweet little nephew's baby blanket - he's turning 2 in January), and plenty of times that I've washed and dried but took days to fold and put away, dishes that get washed but not unloaded from the dishwasher...the list is seriously endless. 

This finishing (or lack of) is a real issue. 

As I read her post yesterday, I realized that I don't want to NOT finish this. I cannot NOT finish this. I have NOT finished this so many times that it borders on stupid...

...okay, it is stupid. 

There, I said it. 


What's a girl to do?

Finish, of course. 

I have made strides toward finishing - now a days, laundry is done all at once (thanks for the multiple washers and dryers in our building and that I simply can't stack clothes, folded or not, on the dryer), crafty projects now have more to do with my jewelry business and must be completed to ensure the word gets out in regard to parties and events, and as far as my weight loss journey goes...

I am finishing. Every darn step I take is a step closer to the finish line and I refuse to do anything but get there. I am 111.2 pounds away from reaching the finish and I will get there. One step at a time. 

Thanks again, my dear friend, Debbie, for recognizing something in yourself that needed addressing. You gave me the insight to see where I'm at and that is a beautiful thing. Let's get to finishing what we started!

Till next time!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 10.5 miles

Anna: 210 miles

Sandi: 129.60 miles

Debbie: 79 miles

Kathy: 122.63 miles

Stephanie: 160.81 miles


My October Goals:

Walk 130 miles - 28.10 = 101.90 miles to go!
Swim 20 hours - 30 minutes = 18 hours, 30 minutes to go! The heater is still not right!
Post Daily at My Fitness Pal - YES!
Eat at home 25 dinners - 6 down, 19 to go!
Hit 50 pounds down - 11.2 pounds to go!
Reward with the much coveted compression suit - Only 11.2 pounds to go!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 267.6
Total Lost to Date: 38.8

Now I will celebrate - Love those 260's!