Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 91 - San Hits YouTube Once Again!

Happy Monday to all and to ALL a FAB week. I am here much later than usual today, only because I’ve been SOOOO busy with the usual Monday stuff PLUS I had to make a vid. 

For those of you who don’t know about my YouTube FAB...

I began YouTubing in late 2010, hoping (like so many times before) to go on a weight loss journey and reach the end. 


Oh, I had fun. I started here on this channel at YouTube and ended up over here. 

Many vids and many haircuts and MANY views later, I was still fat and very unhappy with myself. 

The last vid I did was right before I tried out for the Biggest Loser back in July. 

Today I returned to the tubes and I’m sharing that vid here with you! 

HELLO, YouTube, I'm BACK!!!!!!!! Come See What You've Missed!

My apologies but since YouTube is under one account and the blog is another, I'm having a frightfully difficult time getting the imbed in. We'll just have to make do with the link for now!

I can’t promise lots of YouTubing in the future but I am happy to be back; we’ll see about more vids as I go along this journey. 

So for today, enjoy the video, stay tuned, and I will “see” you soon!

...tomorrow is another weekly weigh in update, YAY!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 10.5 miles

Anna: 260 miles

Sandi: 156.41 miles

Debbie: 91 miles

Kathy: 136.84 miles

Stephanie: 191.89 miles


My October Goals:

Walk 130 miles - 54.91 = 75.09 miles to go!
Swim 20 hours - 3 hours, 30 minutes = 16 hours, 30 minutes to go! The pool is HEATED!
Post Daily at My Fitness Pal - YES!
Eat at home 25 dinners - 10 down, 17 to go!
Hit 50 pounds down - 10.2 pounds to go!
Reward with the much coveted compression suit - Only 10.2 pounds to go!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 266.6
Total Lost to Date: 39.8

I am GLOWING and so is my scale this morning, lol!