Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 79 - Paparazzi Accessories is in the HOUSE!

Let's talk about jewelry! Oh I know, I normally talk about stuff related to my weight loss journey. But there is more to me than just a fat girl screaming to get OUT of this place.

And so today I want to share another cool facet of my life.

Paparazzi Accessories. 

Do you know about it? 

Paparazzi Accessories was founded in 2010 by two moms (and sisters) who were looking to bring fun, fashionable, and AFFORDABLE jewelry to their friends and family. Offering beautiful bling for a BEAUTIFUL $5 price was only the beginning.

Once people began to realize the AWEsomeness of these lovely pretties, they wanted to sell it too. And so began the journey of thousands of independent consultants nationwide.

Enter Deb (my business partner and dear friend) and San (that's me, in case you've forgotten) in late 2012. WE decided (and thanks to my Auntie) to become Paparazzi Accessories (independent) consultants too. We saw the value, the beauty, and the potential to ROCK the HOUSE with stunning pieces that literally fit every style you may have.

5 Dollar Diva Designs was born...

We just knew it was a no-brainer. I mean, seriously...when I go to purchase a new outfit, I want new bling. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it (I leave THAT up to G when HE jewelry shops). With Paparazzi Accessories, I don't have to. I can buy what I want to match what I want and I gotta tell you: it's freakin' cool to have a jewelry store right in my own living room!

The reason I'm sharing all this with you today and I simply can't stand it any more. I'm EXCITED!

Why? ask... Or did you? Well, I'm telling you anyway.

Saturday is Deb's and my first Open House and we are STOKED. We can't wait to share our wonderful inventory with 40-50 of our closest friends and family. We've got the bling, the displays are just about finished, the random drawing prize is ready, and yes, we're offering wine and snacks while you shop.


if you're in the Portland area and wish to stop and shop, EMAIL me and I will tell you how to do that.

YES, this post is a bit sales-pitchy.

But the sincerity with which I share this is real. Not only do I get to wear this beautiful bling, I get to sell it too.

How darn lucky am I? 

No need to answer that. I know I am!

Want to see a few of our stunning pieces?

Yep, only $5 WITH the Earrings too!

Something for EVERYbody!

Funky and Silver and ONLY $5

Lovely, I know!

LOVE The Cuffs!

Beautiful Silver and YES, still only $5!

I wish I could show you all 300 pieces here but alas, THAT would be a ridiculously long post. You CAN go to Facebook and view our photo album, however. Just CLICK HERE and LIKE our - 5 Dollar Diva Designs - page and you too can see the beauty that is Paparazzi Accessories. If anyone is interested in learning more about how you can sell it too (or even simply to have a party) please don't hesitate to email me, either at the address above or through Facebook!


And of course I weighed in today. Down .8 and that's a good thing, yay:

Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 273
Total Lost to Date: 33.4

LOVE when my scale loves ME!


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 10.5 miles

Anna: 170 miles

Sandi: 107.59 miles

Debbie: 70 miles

Kathy: 109.76 miles

Stephanie: 136.39 miles

My October Goals:

Walk 130 miles - 6.09 = 123.91 miles to go!
Swim 20 hours - the heater is getting fixed today-ish, YAY!
Post Daily at My Fitness Pal - Yes!
Eat at home 25 dinners - 2 down, 23 to go!
Hit 50 pounds down - 16.6 pounds to go!
Reward with the much coveted compression suit - Only 16.6 pounds to go!


Till next time!