Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 31 - Rainy Days and What to DO...

This is NOT what I was going to post today so if you are here because I perked your interest with yesterday's post, I'm sorry. I changed my mind.

It happens.

But today I thought I would share what my plan is for getting in my 10,000 steps AND how I'm going to amuse my kiddo (WHEN does school start, again?).

Okay, first of all, I want you all to know that I have gained. After that AMAZING 3.8 pounds down, I have gained.

2 ounces. OMG, seriously?


I'm not being serious - meaning I'm not upset about it. I know weight fluctuates daily and a two ounce gain is perfectly okay.

In the past, however?


I would have been ballistic about it. I would have totally self-sabotaged and spent serious time derailing in ways that would boggle your mind (yes, it will all be in the book).


I'm not going to do that, today.

Today is rainy here in ole P-town. And I've gotta figure a way to get my steps, amuse the kid, and do it all indoors.

Easy Peasy.

First step, taking G to work so we girls can have the car.

Second step, going to Walmart to get cat food. No, we don't HAVE to go ALL the way to Scarborough Walmart, but with more than 200,000 square feet AND a FAB selection of Iams Cat Food, we're going to truck on over and have ourselves a little indoor time at the WALLY WORLD.

Mags doesn't know it yet, but mom is planning hot feet all around that place WITHOUT filling our cart with things we don't need.

THEN, we'll drop back home for a healthy lunch (so I can share that fab ditty with you, soon) and then it's off to the pool. We are fortunate to have one hotel in our area that offers day rates for their pool to locals; and Mags and I are going to take full advantage of that feature, today.

Do you KNOW how many calories you can burn in a pool?


Especially since my kid is half a fish and we'll be in it till the bitter end - picking up G from work.

And that's it. Walking and swimming today, a bit unconventional, both. But we'll have some fun and get our exercise on, YAY!

So, if you find it rainy in your neck of the woods, get creative. Find something indoors and make it COUNT. You don't have to spend lots of money to do so; just go, have fun, and make yourself proud.

Till next time!


August 100 Miles Challenge Update: 

Sandi: 42.61 miles

Anna:  39.5 miles

Kathy: 56.48 miles

Steffie: 46.95 miles 

Bernie: 4.3 miles


Remember, if you want me to track your miles for August, just shoot me a note and I will add you to the blog. If you are here already and I've got your numbers wrong, just shoot, no, just let me know and I'll change it. I'm good with that. Cheers!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 285.8
Total Lost to Date: 20.6

 Scale 'n' Toes 8.16.12


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