Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 95 - No Tip Today So What's UP?

Yes, I came here just to tell you that there won't be a FAB Friday Fitness tip from our good friend Barb. I have SO much to do today that I didn't even snap a weigh in pic. Yes, I weighed in and I'm up from yesterday but only a pound and I'm NOT stressin' THAT.

In fact, last night I walked into one of my favorite stores wearing size 22 jeans and walked out having purchased size 16.


This girl did that.


So What's UP, Today?

I am spending the day prepping our first big vendor event and because there are so many little details left (or that I think are left, I do over ANAL retentively DO things, ya know) I just didn't prep a Fitness tip.


You have ALL those fab Bob Harper Rules...


I'm giving you this link to go look at jewelry.

Simply to take your mind off the missing Fab Friday Tip from Barb.

Of course.

So go on, have a WONDERFUL weekend and we shall return to our regularly scheduled program on Monday.

Till next time!


Geesh, no miles, no weigh in pic, no goal updating?

Don't worry. I'm still keeping track. See you Monday!


One more thing...

THANK you to ALL of you who continue to poke your nose in my diary. As of yesterday we rose to 1500 and that sure is a lot of looky loos in this ole thing. Maybe someday I'll tell you why I used to think views were so important but for this particular thing, they aren't, and WHY that matters either way.

Cheers! <3