Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 94 - Bob Harper and HIS Skinny Rules - Discuss!

I've been wanting to share this for awhile now. Bob Harper's Skinny Rules. Not just his rules but my opinion of them. A bit of a review if you will.

As you know how it often goes with opinions, please keep in mind that the following is simply my thoughts about them and may or may NOT be what's in YOUR head.

Also know that I don't recommend following these skinny rules unless you read the book that goes with them. With everything so available on the internet, you can KNOW the rules but if you don't read his book, you may not know WHY he believes them.

AND one more thing, then we'll get to it...

I have not read Bob Harper's Skinny Rules book. Yet. One reason is that I just haven't bought it but probably most importantly, I am following most of them - likely for my own reasons. But let's just break them down and see how much sense they make to you!

Bob Harper's Skinny Rules and San Weighs In:

1. Drink one large glass of water before every meal - no excuses!

Awesome Rule. You should be drinking at (the) least, 8 glasses of water per day and if you REALLY want to step it up, you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. So this is a no-brainer. Whether you are eating 3 meals or doing the 6 small meals per day thing, getting in a large glass of water before you eat will ensure you are getting your water AND you simply will not eat as much because the water helps make you feel full. Easy peasy and just darn smart.

2. Don't drink your calories!

Again, stick to water with most meals and you can't go wrong. Throwing in soda (even diet), juice, milk or the ever fun ALCOHOL will NOT help you lose the weight. These are all just wasted calories that you could be saving to enjoy healthy treats. I'm not saying ONLY water but as you know...everything in moderation, especially because you are trying to lose weight. Waste not, want not, seriously!

3. Eat protein at every meal!

Protein helps us re-fuel and our bodies need that as we try to lose weight. So go ahead, add more protein and watch the pounds melt away. Eggs for breakfast, chicken or red meat for lunch and dinner, snacks like peanut butter and celery. Whatever you can do to get your protein, DO it; your body AND your scale will thank you.

4. Slash intake of refined flour and replace with whole grains!

Again, just sensible. White breads, potatoes, even rice - I think of those all as the white (like flour) foods and I don't eat a lot of them. I've been doing whole grain bread for years now anyway but as I go along my journey, I've really cut out most bread. Not ALL, most, and sometimes I splurge on a keiser roll or some such thing. Alas, it typically leaves me feeling bloated and too full so again, mostly I abstain.

5. Eat 30 - 50 grams of fiber per day to keep your digestive system moving!

I am honestly telling you that I'm not sure what this means except that if I go more than a day, GOING (you get it, right?) then I know I'm not getting enough fiber. Lots of foods that you don't even realize, have fiber in them and you NEED this to keep your insides in check so your OUTside continues to melt. If you discover that you're having (going) issues, try adding flax seed to your eggs or in a protein smoothie. Your body will thank you!

6. Eat apples and berries every single day!

Again, these will help you get your fiber AND other nutrients your body needs to excel. I have to admit, as I tend to stay pretty low carb, I do not eat enough apples or berries. I challenge us all to add at least an apple a day (it's supposed to help the doctor stay away, too) and see what GOOD things happen.

7. No carbs after lunch!

This is hard to do when you're feeding your family, right? They want potatoes or rice or...well something carb-like for dinner and you just KNOW what that will do to your progress. So add more protein and ignore those carbs. If you do eat them, try to get a work out in afterwards, as carbs are for energy. If you don't use it, it turns to fat. YUCK!

8. Learn to read food labels!

Many of us are super aware of what we are eating these days. It's just not smart to NOT be. Do you remember how it was before you started reading those food labels? Gross. I just remember feeling gross and NO ONE wants to feel that. I would add too, that you should try to eat foods that don't even HAVE labels. And foods that only have 1 - 3 ingredients are GREAT too. It's simply about eating cleanly. KNOW what's going into your mouth at ALL times and you cannot fail.

9. Stop guessing portion sizes!

Guessing how MUCH you are eating will not aid in your weight loss success. Buy a food scale and take the extra SECONDS to measure it out. You'll be surprised at how much some food weighs compared to what you simply assumed before. Your journey will be down a much more straight path if you are weighing it before you put it in your mouth.

10. No more added sweeteners!

I can't speak of this one too much because I do add sweetener to just one thing - my green tea. I use Truvia and because it is twice as sweet as sugar, I am only using half (or less) what I would use with sugar. I used to put 3 heaping tablespoons of sugar in my tea. I  now use less than a tablespoon and my green tea is tasty and just the right amount of sweet. So here I would recommend what is to your own discretion. Everything in moderation - ALWAYS.

Whew, 10 down and 10 to go. Did I forget to mention this post would be a long one? But FULL of good tips and tricks so carry on...

11. Make one day a week meatless!

If you cannot give up meat once a week - and I haven't even tried this one - then consider seriously cutting down on your red meat intake. These days we are filling up on turkey, chicken and fish and I'm really not missing BEEF. Again, do what you can in regard to this and be pleasantly surprised in the changes your body makes as you journey on your way to healthy.

12. No white potatoes!

DONE. Most of the time. I've been a low-carb eater since the late 90's and while I don't follow Atkins like in the beginning, I do tend to stay away from the "white" foods (see Rule #4). I will eat mashed white potatoes occasionally but tend toward the sweet mashed if I'm going to indulge. Mashed cauliflower is a lovely substitute as well. I do believe that eating too many carbs like white potatoes does tend to make me crave sweets more so staying away most of the time really does help me stay on track.

13. No fast OR fried food!

This is a biggie. Eating fast food while you are trying to lose weight is just stupid - yah, I said it. You don't know what they DO to make that crap taste so good (and it's NOT that it tastes soooo good, more your craving FOR it that's so tasty) and you should not be putting any of it in your mouth. The more you eat of it, the more you crave and if you need help abstaining, remind yourself how icky you feel when you've indulged. Apply this thought to fried food and carry on.

14. Eat a real breakfast!

Now you KNOW how important eating breakfast is for your weight loss success. I've written about it more than once AND it's a FAB Friday Barb tip, too. But even if you don't listen to us, look it up. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in order for it to work, it has got to be REAL. A cup of coffee doesn't count. And please don't tell me that time is an issue. Is getting your brain and body as well as your metabolism going in the morning and for the WHOLE day worth the extra 10 minutes it takes to throw granola in a bowl and eat it? Yah...I thought so.

15. Eat at least 10 meals a week at home!

You all know that I've struggled with this but I do believe in this WHOLE-heartedly. Knowing what you are putting in your mouth can only happen if YOU are preparing the food. I cook most of our meals these days but even when Gary cooks, he knows he's got to go easy on the butter and sodium based sauces because I simply cannot eat those anymore. Not only do I feel better, but knowing what my family is consuming and that it's healthy is better for my peace of mind as well.

16. Banish high-salt foods!

Of course. This one is easy simply because the more salt  you eat, the more you retain water and retaining water is a journey to healthy person's worst nightmare. Besides, do you know how much BETTER food tastes when you aren't over loading it with salt? Trust me, try it for 3 days and then tell me you miss salt. If you're smart AND honest, you won't.

17. Eat your vegetables!

Eating veggies was never a big deal for me but I admit that my selections were limited until a couple years ago when I really began experimenting. I now LOVE steamed - well MOST ANYthing steamed; and peppers are my new best friend. If you didn't know, our bodies change every 7 years or so and what you couldn't stand the taste of before, you might discover you now love. Try something different and get your veggies in.

18. Go to bed hungry!

Oh MY Goodness, this one has caused some controversy. Bob isn't telling you to starve yourself and neither am I. But it does make good sense to stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime. Your body will thank you by allowing you to rest easy through the night without a bloated upset tummy. For more on that, check out last Friday's post and just know that you won't die from going to bed hungry. Rather you will LIVE better and THAT'S a very good thing.

19. Make sure you get enough sleep!

This second to last Rule is a no-brainer. Your body needs rest and once you begin your weight loss journey, you know you are expending more energy working out and eating right and so your body needs to recoup. Getting your zzz's will aid in losing the weight AND keep you healthier as you work toward...well, getting healthier. Sleep is GOOD. Get it? Good!

20. Plan one splurge meal a week!

ONE MEAL. Not a whole day. NOT a day that turns into two and ... well, it's happened or I wouldn't mention it, now would I? You shouldn't deprive yourself of anything. Seriously. But as you work toward a healthier you, you simply will not WANT to splurge on the type of crap you used to eat. So go ahead, splurge once a week and enjoy. As time goes on, you will realize that your splurging doesn't mean camping out at McD's or finishing the entire carton of ice cream. As you've come to know...your body - your mind and spirit too - will thank you.


So there you have it. 20 Bob Harper Skinny Rules and my take on each. I do follow most of these as closely as I can and it has benefited me in ways that are AMAZING. I imagine if I were a tad more regimented, I'd be even lower on the scale but I'm not beating myself up about it and neither should you.

Going on ANY journey isn't always so much about getting there but about what you discover about yourself along the way. If you stick to the path - even if occasionally you veer - you WILL reach your destination.

One step at a time...go forth.

Till next time!

Please Note: The Author of this blog is not associated in any way with Biggest Loser, Bob Harper, or anyone affiliated with said above. The Author (isn't it FUN to write in third person?) simply found these Skinny Rules, discovered that she follows most of them and wanted to share the WHY with you!



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  1. As always a great post. I follow most of the skinny rules. I do shoot for around 35 grams of fiber a day...real fiber, not foods that are processed like Fiber One and such. They may say high fiber and healthy, but I really think processed foods are bad, no matter what. Just my opinion.

    No carbs after lunch.....that one doesn't work for me. Most if not all high fiber foods contain carbs. I haven't read the I'm sure there's more to it.

    Other than these two, I pretty much follow the skinnky rules.....which makes me feel like maybe I'm doing somethikng right. Yay!

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, Debbie. I'm with you about the fiber AND the carbs and most of the other I stick to pretty well. If I can go a whole day without carbs I see a big drop but it comes back a couple pounds then too. Just have to remember that it's not a race and we WILL get there. These will help :) Cheers :)


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