Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 63 - Shana Tova

Last night at sundown marked the beginning of the high holidays in the Jewish faith. I am not Jewish and I apologize now, for any mistakes I may make in trying to explain how important this time of year is for me.

Yesterday, I was chatting with a friend and mentioned that it was the holidays (as it related to something else we were talking about) and she then asked what that meant.

My reply was somewhat short (I know, surprise, surprise, right?!):

"It starts today, Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the new year, a whole week of food and temple and then fasting and then temple and then more food. 

AND then...we forgive all our past idiocy to each other (and ask forgiveness from God, too) and start the new year. (Yom Kippur)

Best explanation from a Christian girl, livin' in a Jewish world, lol.

But I do take it seriously. It's a feel good holiday, meant to cleanse for the new year..."

A bit blase' but a decent summary, nonetheless. I was thinking later that I might have exaggerated the amount of food, and I also didn't mention that I won't be participating in services this year (it's been about 50/50 over the last 6 years). 

But there you have it. Last night began the New Year and while I am not Jewish, I do celebrate these high holidays for many reasons. 


I'm not going to share here, right now. I did write about it, once (really? uh, yah) and I will share that story next week with you. 

My POINT in ALL this is that I just wanted to wish everyone (whomever you are and whatever you believe)...

Shana Tova.

Happy New Year. 

Oh, and after dinner last night, I can assure you that I didn't exaggerate the amount of food. I knew that there would be a LOT of it (G's mom just ROCKS it, ALWAYS) but I had promised to try and be smart about it. 

Yah, that lasted just past the salad when I forgot about the meatballs and brisket and matzo ball (with alphabet noodles, last night) soup and challah and OMG the liver...YUM!

...ALL of it just so darn good that I didn't dare get on the scale this morning. 

(yes, this is still about me, food, and focusing on my goals)

AND I'm nervous about tonight (because YES, we do it ALL again) but I am sure about one thing...

I am ready this year. Really ready. To begin the new year right! I am here in this place, this really good place and I know that THIS year will be the best year ever. 

So again, whatever you believe, you may take this time to reflect upon this past year and how you lived it; then make a solid choice to live it healthier - mind, body, and spirit! 

To that end, I just HAVE to share THIS: 
Our Girl Anna, Rockin' the Pounds DOWN!

My blogging/facebook/weight loss friend, Anna, has just hit a FANTABULISTIC goal of losing 50 pounds. She put together this lovely side-by-side to show her progress. WOWZA and WOOHOO! Anna, I am so proud of you and I wanted to share your success as you are certainly an inspiration to all of us. Please keep up the good work and HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU!

Till next time!

...tomorrow's update is 9 WEEKS DONE, whew. Stay tuned to see where I'm at. 


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