Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 47 - August Miles Done - Where are We Walking In September?

WOW, what a month. So busy and so fun and so crazy and ohhhhh, man, I am worn out.

Could be it's because I've walked almost 22 FREAKIN' miles in the last two days and for a girl who was worried I wasn't going to get to 100 for August...thank goodness we moved.

And that's what got me there. I walked almost 11 miles on Thursday and was thrilled because that meant I only had about 9 miles to go to complete my goal for the month. I was a little concerned because I thought I'd walk less on Friday. We had movers for the big stuff and I just didn't think I'd be moving that much.

Turns out, I did.

And while the move went FABULOUSLY, I still have a ton of boxes to empty and stuff to put away. So I see a GOOD number of miles for at least the next 2 days too. Which, of course, will be a GREAT way to start my next miles challenge...

...more on that in a minute. Let's break down August and see where we ended up for our 100 miles.


August 100 Miles Challenge: 

Sandi: 102.37 miles

Anna:  39.5 miles

Kathy: 120.64 miles

Steffie: 85.02 miles 


Well, lookit THAT. Pretty impressive, dontcha think? Four of us walked a total of 347.53 miles. And that doesn't include all the miles that weren't counted by our pedometers, either. 

Crazy and good and WOW, so proud of all of us!

I knew, about half-way through the month, that I wanted to keep on walking. It's certainly not like I'm just going to toss the BERNdometer and never take another if...

Which brings me to my September Challenge. Bear with me as I try to explain this supposed brilliance. 

I was chatting with a dear friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and when we hung up the phone, I realized how much I missed her and wanted to see her. 

So I said, why not. I'll walk to Florida. 

Now, with work, and Mags starting school next week, PLUS a new joint venture I signed on for, I don't REALLY HAVE the TIME to trek all the way to Florida to visit my friend. 

So I'm going to do it here in Portland. I will log all my miles each day and keep track of where I'd be if I were actually walking to Florida (Orlando, to be specific). 

I KNOW...that walking to Florida is going to take me a LOT longer than just the month of September. 

In fact, walking to Disney (just an easy POR, plus I'm thinkin' I'll surprise her at work, lol) is 1423.29 miles total. Doing the math on that, based upon August's miles? 

I'll be arriving at the Mouse House in late October, 2013. 


I still want to do it. I have a feeling I can speed up my trip a bit, with all the new walking I'll be doing in the city. And I REALLY want to see my friend. 

Sooo...I've got it all planned out and all I need to do is get started. It IS the first of September, ya know. 

And I'll be sharing pieces of my "trip" with you all, though I'm keeping those dets mum for now, only because I didn't have time to pull it together with all this movin' stuff happening. 


Who's with me? Who wants to go to DISNEY WORLD?


Take a trip to where ever you'd like. Want to go to France, Italy, Barstow, CA???

Figure the miles and start walking. I would love for everyone to join my Disney trip but you may have other ideas for walking your butt off and to where. 

So do it. Plan a trip and let's keep track. If you're with me, let me know your destination and miles (from your house to where ever...) and I'll track it for you. It will be fun to explore all the places along the way of our trip, too. 

Let's get walking...or jogging, or biking, or swimming (especially if you travel overseas, you'll have to swim at least part of the way...). 

Till next time!


WHOA, stop the bus, I have an announcement to make! I hit my first goal as of this morning. I have officially lost 25 pounds, EXACTLY! WOW. I am so proud to share this with all of you but ALL of you must know that I couldn't have done it without you. The love and support I'm getting from all sides makes it really easy to want to succeed...and so I am. Cheers!

Starting Weight: 306.4

Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 281.4
Total Lost to Date: 25



Now that I've reached my goal, I am supposed to reward myself, right? Well, I went back and looked at what I'd chosen for my first reward (new gel inserts for my shoes). As it turns out I won't be getting those quite yet. I've decided and am so blessed to say that my first reward is our new home. We were so fortunate to find our little city apartment and we are so thankful to finally be in it. Plus I know all the benefits of being here in this place, are simply going to help me reach my 2nd goal, all that much more quickly, YAY! 


Disney Trip to Visit Friends - 1423.29 Miles 

Sandi: No miles yet, sillies, it's the first day. Check back tomorrow and see if I've made it out of the city a bird, I'm headed south - if it was a walking bird, I guess, lol; I definitely need more sleep.