Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 2 of the Rest of My Life...

Okay, so I woke up today...


THAT'S a good sign; it means I ate less yesterday and my body was ready for some FOOD!


I was afraid to step on the scale - yes, day 2 and I already ASS u ME that I was failing - ugh. And I know, it's not good to weigh yourself everyday but I'm going to until I feel good about the direction I'm headed. Give me two weeks of that and we'll see where I'm at.


To start this day 2. I don't know if I am just telling myself that I feel like it's going to happen this time or if I REALLY mean it. So far, I'm ready.

And THEN...

I weighed in.


Down 2.4 pounds! Boy, does that feel good.


We don't want to jinx it. Seriously.

When I told Gary that I'd lost 2.4 pounds, I acted totally cool about it, blase', not a big deal, pfft, I can do this blindfolded, right?

As if!

I'm stoked.

So I grabbed a couple hard-boiled eggs and 4 slices of bacon (yes, I'm low-carbing to start, simply because I like it; which doesn't mean I won't throw some fruit and gluten-free pasta in there somewhere along the weigh (HAHA, I made a funny!)...

And went to input my data at MyFitnessPal. Boy, oh BOY, does that number look good. And I am loving the ease of too - I'm sure I'll be sharing more about that...

Now I'm here, updating my diary and preparing for the day.

I have a session with my trainer at Anytime Fitness and then it's research, reading, more research, and building a business plan (shhhssshh, that part's a secret for now!).

Till next time!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 304
Total Lost to Date: 2.4

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