Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 9, You Were Testing Me, Right?

Oh, Dear Diary...this week has been a teeny bit rough on me. Ya see...LAST week I lost an AWEsome 7.2 pounds. That was HALF of what I lost for the whole second month. So I had a tiny feeling that this week might not see a big loss. And I was really okay with that. I am not a machine and I am certainly always a work in progress. But then??

There was food. Two glorious nights of food. Oh Em GEE!

And I tried to be good. I did. I know me. I know that I am addicted to food and that I have to stay focused and true to my goals.

I tried.

Sunday night I sucked eggs big time. I went in knowing that I had to pace myself. Only to not feel like I was going to explode after dinner.

(This is serious, folks)

So I did. Pace myself. BUT...

I also STILL took a bit of everything (because EVERYTHING is SO GOOD) and that's where I messed up.

I don't eat like that anymore. And I know that.

So Monday night I was determined to (going in, anyway) stay low-carb. With plenty to choose from, it shouldn't have been too hard.


I still ate a ridiculous amount of food. And I didn't stay low-carb. It was just a smorgasbord of yummy good eats and I couldn't put down the darn fork.

I DID, however...take only half of what I would normally take (unlike Sunday night) and I do think that helped some.

I mean, SERIOUSLY. YOU try to only eat half a peanut butter cookie and the BEST gluten-free Blondie you will EVER wrap your lips around - I did that, Monday...ugh.

Now, what is the point of all this?

Consider it a confession of sorts. I am a food addict and the truth must be shared for me to move forward, as well, to help others who may be in a similar situation.

Food is not my friend. Food sustains me, keeps me healthy. That's it. I'm not going to run away with it, or make it beneficiary to my vast fortune when I die (I'm amassing THAT as we speak, yay).

ANYway, the bottom line here is that I have come to hate food. I think.

I mean I think I hate it. I certainly don't like what I've done to myself with food.

I don't even like the word hate. Maybe strongly dislike.

Acck. I'm rambling.

Chalk that up to dead tired after two solid days of gorging and I'm pretty sure I haven't awakened from my food coma.



Let's see some numbers...

The RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME (and totally, by now) FAMOUS Weekly RECAP:

Day 57: 275.8 - Feelin' pretty good about getting HERE.

Day 58: NO scale 'n' toes today. Just a trumped up excuse or what? Honestly? Maybe.

Day 60: 276.4 - I was up .8 from Tuesday's weigh in but not feeling panicky about it. I was down 30 pounds exactly at this point and feeling good about losing half a pound a day for a 60 whole days!

Day 63: Yah, uh, NO. I did not weigh in YESTERDAY, yikes.

Day 64: 276.2 - Down from Friday but a TOUGH weekend and the bottom line is that I gained from last week. Most people wouldn't concern themselves with .4, but I simply have to stay on top of this. My whole life depends upon it.

You will notice that I am not blogging daily anymore - lucky YOU. I just have so much on my plate that rather than let everything go, half-ass, I simply scaled back. I can't tell for sure if it's affecting my "need to get on the scale every day" or not. We'll re-visit that next week and go from there.

But I AM weighing in 3 times a week for various challenges and so forth. You would THINK that would keep me focused...still not sure...moving on, now...

So there you have it. Week 9 is OUTTA here. Good. Bring on Week 10 - let's DO this!

Till next time!

...it'll be a walking girls update. Let's just see how far we've come, stay tuned...


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 276.2
Total Lost to Date: 30.2

30.2 Pounds Down to Date - YAY!

Week 10 Goals:

Walk 30 miles.

Stay focused about WHAT I'm putting in my mouth. 

No Excuses. (this one is HUGE, yikes)


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 5 miles

Anna: 97 miles

Sandi: 57.16 miles 

Debbie: 31 miles 

Kathy: 64.84 miles 

Stephanie: 77.80 miles