Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 81 - Barb's Tip? Eat Your Wheaties!

Okay, maybe not Wheaties, per SE, but Barb's tip today is one of THE ALL TIME MOST IMPORTANT AND EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL TO YOUR OVER ALL SUCCESS tips EVER!


Sorry about the yelling.


I am seriously serious and that's a fact. Here's your FAB Friday tip, go ahead, pay close attention!

Start Your Day With Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to provide fuel to your body for the day's activities.  Try a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and chopped apples or whole grain cereal with fresh blueberries or strawberries.  A quick breakfast could consist of a slice of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and a glass of juice.  Don't feel like eating in the morning?  Try a fruit smoothie made with yogurt, fruit and ice.  Sip on it throughout the morning.  Studies have shown that by eating a healthy breakfast, you'll be more alert during the day and will be able to think more clearly.

Barb says it, right there in the first line - "Eating a healthy breakfast is the BEST WAY to provide fuel to your body for the day's activities." 

The experts say it, Barb says it, I'm sayin' it, go ask your own doctor...

BREAKFAST is IMPORTANT! Perhaps the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is what gets your body going in the morning and helps keep you accountable all through the day.

Imagine skipping breakfast (and we've ALL done it a time or three). By mid morning your tummy is rumbling and depending upon where you are, sky's the limit when deciding what to feed your face.


You can't make up for breakfast.

Trust me on that because for the last two weeks (at least) I've been testing that theory. Yah. I'm admitting another truth. Even though I know the importance of breakfast (I even wrote about it once, yah, go ahead, act surprised and then go read THIS), I have been seriously sucking at it lately. I start with tea in the morning - green tea - and THAT'S good. But then I might go several hours, depending upon when I wake up, before I have a bite.


I don't eat enough. Yah, a fat girl who doesn't eat enough. happens. I have been going back and forth between 2 hard-boiled eggs and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. NOT enough.

What I need to do is get back to what I was doing in the beginning. Eggs and Bacon. Granola, milk, and a banana - today's breakfast, by the way...

Remember? What we were ALL doing in the beginning and how it was WORKING!

It ALL starts with breakfast.

So go on, EAT. Your body will thank you, your scale will thank you, your BRAIN will thank you. And most importantly, you will be establishing good habits that will carry you on the rest of your new and improved and HEALTHY life.

Breakfast - YUM!

Till next time!


Oh and yes, I did weigh in yesterday, even though I did not blog. I was feeling under the weather AGAIN and by the time I got to the computer, I just didn't feel like blogging. So here are TWO scale pics for your enjoyment.

Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 271.6
Total Lost to Date: 34.8

10.4.12 Scale 'n' Toes!

10.5.12 Scale 'n' Toes!

I'm also not blogging tomorrow, as I have a PARTY to throw, WooHOO! But I will be here on Sunday. I'm thinkin' it's time you and I had a talk...


Our Virtual Trip(s)

Michele: 10.5 miles

Anna: 170 miles

Sandi: 112.84 miles

Debbie: 70 miles

Kathy: 114.57 miles

Stephanie: 146 miles

My October Goals:

Walk 130 miles - 11.34 = 118.66 miles to go!
Swim 20 hours - the pool with re-open tomorrow, YAY!
Post Daily at My Fitness Pal - Yes!
Eat at home 25 dinners - 4 down, 21 to go!
Hit 50 pounds down - 15.2 pounds to go!
Reward with the much coveted compression suit - Only 15.2 pounds to go!