Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 32 - Friday Tip #2 from Barb - Soda is BAD for You?

WooHoo, it's Friday. Not that it means much around here with the end of summer fast approaching and a move across town that is threatening to drive me insane.

But ONE AWEsome thing about Fridays now, is that I'm bringing you a great fitness tip each week, right from our own Barb - who just spent a WHOLE week in Maine and didn't come see me.

:( = sad face.

But alas, she wasn't vacationing alone and you KNOW how THAT goes.


Barb's Tip for This Fabulous Friday?

FITNESS TIP #2:  Stay Away From The Soda Pop

Are you a soda pop drinker?  Did you know that a regular can of Coca-cola has about 40 grams of sugar in it?  It also contains caffeine which can cause swelling and increase high blood pressure.  Diet soda pop is an unhealthy choice as well.  Most diet pops contain artificial sweeteners which are not good for your body and some contain a high level of salt to help flavor the drink.  Diet pop can cause you to crave sweets.  What's a healthy alternative to soda pop?  Water.  Aim to drink at least eight glasses a day.  Try adding a wedge of lemon or frozen grapes to add flavor to the water.

A GREAT tip, YAY! 

Barb's right, you may love that sticky sweet drink, but it is NOT healthy for you. Even the diet soda is a no-no when you are life-changing. Because we don't CALL it dieting, right? We are changing our lives and in doing so, must remove all soda from our diets. 

It's funny...growing up, we called it pop. Down south it's called soda; unless you're in Texas and there they simply call everything Coke. Want a coke? Okay, here's your Sprite. 

And up here in the great Pine State, we also call it soda. I love the diversity but the soda-pop-coke-WHATEVER has got to go. 

That's your Barb Tip for THIS Friday and now you know. 

Want to know something else?

I'm going to tell you, anyway, surprise SURPRISE...

I forgot to weigh in this morning. Until after I'd eaten my breakfast and had drunk 28 oz. of water. 


So the scale was not my bestie, but I'm not concerned because I've heard tell that a whole bowl of fruit and 3.5 glasses of water can really pack the pounds on - at least .8 pounds, anyway. 

Till next time!


August 100 Miles Challenge Update: 

Sandi: 44.03 miles

Anna:  39.5 miles

Kathy: 56.48 miles

Steffie: 46.95 miles 

Bernie: 4.3 miles


Remember, if you want me to track your miles for August, just shoot me a note and I will add you to the blog. If you are here already and I've got your numbers wrong, just shoot, no, just let me know and I'll change it. I'm good with that. Cheers!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 286.6
Total Lost to Date: 19.8

Scale 'n' Toes 8.17.12