Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 33 - August MILES UPdate - WooHoo!

And we're OFF to a...

Another crazy morning around this old house and I am working on getting everyone going in the right direction this morning. I made breakfast for Mags (who is NOT feeling well and only half admits it; hopefully we are staving off Bronchitis by having her rest, fingers crossed). G is up and mostly ready to rock it, as we have a bunch of moving to do today - storage unit stuff, mostly; sweating stuff, YAY!

And now I want to talk about miles. The miles for August, of course. You do know about this 100 miles in August challenge, right?

Today is 8.18.12 and we are 13 days (including today) away from the end of the month. We had five folks originally sign up for this challenge (at least as far as ME keepin' track) and we are doing FABuLOUSly!

Let's break it down:

100 Miles in August Challenge:

Sandi - 45.33 miles to date - 54.67 miles to go - 4.21 miles per day to hit the 100 mile goal. Even slacking the last few days (swimming one day and taking the next day off) I feel good about where I'm at going forward in this challenge. Who knows, maybe I'll just do 101 miles, HA!

Anna - 39.5 miles to date - 60.5 miles to go - 4.65 miles per day to hit the 100 mile goal. Now, Anna injured her ankle early last week and has been on the DL for all this time. She so very much wants to complete this goal but knows she has to be smart about it. She was pulling around 6 miles per day before the injury so if she heals soon, will most certainly hit her mark, YAY!

Kathy - 65.71 miles to date - 34.29 miles to go - 2.64 miles per day to hit the 100 mile goal. Kathy jumped on this 100 miles challenge and never looked back. She has also gotten her family involved and  purchased a FitBit (one of my lustful things) to track her progress. Kathy could cake-walk these last 13 days and slide right by that 100 miles but who wants CAKE, anyway? Good for you, Kathy!

Stephanie - 46.95 miles to date - 53.05 miles to go - 4.08 miles per day to hit the 100 mile goal. Stephanie was also on the DL for a couple of days, having injured her knee. She's feeling better now and I see no issue with her hitting 100 miles in August. 4.08? Pfft, in her sleep...GOOOOO Steffie!

Bernie - 4.30 miles to date and I don't know what happened to my friend, Bernie. I know she's been wicked busy with work and other fun stuff (I don't know how this woman fits it all in, seriously...) and I haven't heard from her since the beginning of the month. Hopefully she is walking her butt off and will let us know soon, what her miles update is.

Now...just so's ya know...

There's no prize for this contest. At least I don't think there is, anyway. Other than claiming pride for a challenge well completed, as we have walked our tushes off for the last 17 days and we have ROCKED IT!

I wish all participants the best of luck and for no more injuries as we head into the home stretch. Get out there and WALK.

There's just no reason not to!

Till next time!


Starting Weight: 306.4
Goal Weight: 150
Today's Weight: 286.2
Total Lost to Date: 20.2

Scale 'n' Toes 8.18.12


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