Friday, January 11, 2013

Day... Ummm I Don't Know - This is MY Life

Okay, here it is, January 11th 2013 - you can't SCREAM the numbers, but I me.

...and here we are. Six months - OMG, 6 FREAKIN' months into my weight loss journey and I am feeling stupid.

Yah. I said it. Stupid.

This is My Life:

I stopped blogging - took a break - went into hiding - whatEVER - November 1st 2012 - shhhhhsh, we aren't screaming anymore. And while on that wonderful hiatus some pretty AWEsome Sauce things happened - as well, some NOT so AWEsome Sauce...

Let's list them:

I started a new business.

I continued losing weight.

I won $400 in the Thanksgiving Challenge.

I was catapulted further into my new business.

I started eating badly.

I didn't gain any weight back.

I ate some more.

December showed up.

My friend was diagnosed with cancer.

I continued rocking the new business (oh, you're going to hear LOTS about THAT, so for now, I'm keeping it light).

I ate some more.

I started gaining weight back.

Mags went to Florida for Christmas.

I made my mom's (in heaven) fab cookies.

I ate a LOT of those cookies.

I hung out with Gary A LOT and we ate and drank A LOT.

I didn't weigh myself for 7 weeks.

I gave my scale dirty looks every time I went into the kitchen to make popcorn and m'n'm's and a drink.

I did that A LOT.

I woke up on January 1st, excited about the new year and what it has in store for ME.

I weighed myself.

I went back to bed.

I worked out. Once.

I ate some more.

I worked out again.

I ignored the emails in my inbox from my BL friends.

I finally read them.

I went to a Bridal Show - business stuff again.

I wrote 888 to-do lists.

I finished one of them. Maybe.

I did laundry. Sporadically and lackadaisically - that's a fun word, isn't it?

I cleaned (please see second "sentence" above).

I answered an email on Facebook yesterday and followed THROUGH on it. Thank you, Steph.

I finally replied to my BL friends. Weak reply but I'll get there.

I forgot the name of my blog and the password.

Yah. I did. Dear Diary, I'm Fat, Now What? Who FORGETS THAT? Ugh.

Oh, HERE we are, all caught up.


And people, I am telling you this LOUD to be CLEAR: You ain't read the half of it...

BUT, and thank you for getting all the way down HERE...

...but here is where we are and yes, I am now ready to continue moving forward.

At the end of the Thanksgiving Challenge, I had gotten down to 244 pounds. I am now back up to 272.


Well, San, how does that make you feel?



AND - oh yah, you'll LOVE this: AND to top it off, I've been scared outta my britches to get my crap together (concerning the weight loss) because I'm in that circle again.

I'm fat.
Lose weight.
Something happens.
Gain weight.
I'm fat.



You want to KNOW something?

I've got something(s) and someone(s) that I didn't have those other 57 times I failed to follow through.

And now I'm back. I'm back on track. I've re-joined the group, I'm dedicated to my success - and theirs. I've taken myself off the stupid train and re-routed to OMG, I LOVE fitting into a size 16, wonder what a 12 will feel like??

Yah. July-Aug-Sept? BRILLIANT!

Oct-Nov-Dec? Not so much.

Moving on.

Let's end with some goals, today, MY goals, this is MY life, but feel free to add your goals in the comments!

MY Goals - January 11 - February 11

  • Blog weekly: weekly weigh ins on Fridays - BE THERE!
  • Continue booking, selling, sharing, and ENJOYING Paparazzi Accessories!
  • Spend QUALITY time with Mags and G. They don't feel neglected but it was happening...
  • Stay on track with tracking, doing, maintaining, and whatever else related to my weight loss. 

Okay...on the one hand these are small goals. On the other, HUGE undertakings, with everything involved.

Let's keep it simple. I came here and blogged today, Friday, January 11, 2013.

This is MY Life.



This space reserved for weigh in pics (not TODAY, egad) and other fun stuff! Stay tuned!


  1. you got this kiddo - I'm right here - and I love you

  2. OMG, you made me cry. I know you are and I love you too!


Thank you for sharing a bit of you with me, may we all traverse through this life happily!