Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18th - A Funny Thing about Discipline

Well, I am one week in to being back in the saddle...on the wagon...errrr...some sort of old western flick reference, anyway...

So how's it going?




It is definitely been bouncy. I've bounced around all week between what I WANT and what I NEED to do to get there.

And then?

I read something on a friend's Facebook wall that blew my mind.

Oh yah, that Facebook can DO that to ya, if you aren't careful. Seriously.

Now, I'm going to share it here with you, of course. And I'm going to credit my friend for posting it. She got it from someone else, who probably got it from someone else and...well, you KNOW how THAT goes.

But it's all about discipline. And there is a funny thing about discipline, which I will share with you AFTER I share this:

Read it again, folks, because it means something wickedly important to all of us who are struggling to be healthy.

And being healthy means???

Eating right, staying hydrated, being active...


So, here's the funny thing about discipline. 

I KNOW I WANT to be healthy. And yes, losing another 100 pounds is going to help me BE HEALTHY.

But I want it NOW.

I always have. For all my adult life and for all the bouncing up and down in my weight, I have ALWAYS wanted it


Not going to happen.

I KNOW this. But...

It doesn't stop me from wanting it anyway.


Do I want it MOST?

I thought I did.

I mean, getting healthy means so many things for me: 

  • Better quality of life
  • More fun with the kiddo
  • Feeling pretty for him
  • Feeling pretty for me
  • Not being judged
  • Not having to use humor to avoid hearing from YOU what I just KNOW you're thinking, whether you are or not

Guess what?

What I wanted MOST wasn't about having a better quality of life - getting healthy.

It has most certainly and MOSTLY been about not being judged, hating (yes, HATING) the way I look, and not feeling pretty.

And that is most certainly NOT what getting healthy is all about.

And so, the funny thing about discipline is not JUST about doing everything every day and every time I'm supposed to in regard to getting healthy.

Not only do I have to become disciplined, I have to change MY discipline. I have to change what I want most.

And that, MOST CERTAINLY,  has to be ALL ABOUT being healthy.

And - to be quite honest - I don't know that I'm there yet.

Think about it and think hard!

What do you want MOST? 

How disciplined are you to achieve it...

...till next time...


I weighed in this morning but no pic because I still don't like the number. I lost 3 pounds this week, taking me back down to 269 and that's just ugly. Yah. I said it.


Thank you to my dear friend of 25 odd years for sharing this most important thing about discipline with me! <3

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