Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 5 cont'd - My First Asparagus and the Sweet Potato Fiasco

Oh boy, oh BOY, I just had to jot a quick note...

Tonight I cooked dinner...

...which I typically (prepare for a small tirade) do not like to do because I am lazy, uninterested, scared that it will taste like crap...whatever.

I CAN cook.

And the things I do, I do very well; but I am the baker in our house, HE'S the cook.

But tonight I wanted to surprise him with dinner; my poor Papi, working so hard to meet deadline.


I was at the grocery store today, picking up some more healthy YUMS and I happened across the asparagus section.

Now, I LOVE asparagus. MMMmmmmmmMMMMmmm MMM!

But I am picky about how it's cooked. Not mushy, not tooooo al dente. Just right.


Well, I bought some of that ol' asparagus, honestly thinking that HE would figure it out because that's what he does; hops online and in an hour we are dining ROYALE!

But as I traversed my day, I realized that I wanted to cook dinner tonight. I wanted to try to cook the asparagus. I've never, in all my 40 years, attempted to cook asparagus...

What in H E double hockey sticks is WRONG with me?

Don't answer that, we don't have time (it's movie night, ya know?).


So I went online, searched for the easiest (not going to lie) way, simply because it WAS my first time and I didn't want to mess it up too badly.

Long story just a tiny bit longer?

I made asparagus for the first time EVER.

And it was GOOD! I could just be saying that but Papi said it was, and I liked it; so anyone else would simply be out voted - besides, we ate it all up!

Chicken, roasted asparagus, and mashed sweet potatoes (gluten free, BTW).


Oh, and about the sweet potato fiasco?

Yah, I thought that a 1/2 cup wouldn't be enough. I had plenty of calories left for the day and so I loaded a whole cup onto my plate.

And then I promptly took half right back off and saved myself 110 calories!

Here's Dinner:

...before I removed the excess sweets.

I'm full, he's full, and I am feeling pretty darn proud of myself; not gonna lie!

and what's this all weigh in at?

297 calories!

Yep, I know. SWEET!

Now to figure out what to do with 1100 extra calories - mmMMmm, celery and peanut butter anyone?

Okay, gotta run; it's my turn to choose the movie, tonight!

Till next time!

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